Wednesday, May 5, 2010

oh, how long it has become...

School is finished for the season, and wireless internet has finally arrived at the house. After a few days of frustration with trying to set up the ridiculous modems, we've (But really I) figured it out.
Now what does this mean, besides hours and hours of watching ridiculous and cool youtube videos? (including, of course, SAILOR MOON!) new etsy! I've been wanting to set it up, but I'm so paranoid with entering my credit card information on strange internet connections. I've already had fraud purchases on my card before, I certainly don't want to deal with that again! Now, I have a 24/7 available internet connection and it's private. No worries here!
Well, I thought i'd give a quick update letting you know to expect me more often!

p.s. that ridiculously cool youtube video really is pretty sweet, i advise you take a minute to check it out!

Oh, and I found a super awesome macro setting on my camera last weekend!
check how upclose and personal I can get: