Monday, January 4, 2010

new year

...with tons of new oppourtunities.

resolution 1: i'm not buying anymore cigarettes. yup, that's right, i'm taking the lazy way out. i'll still smoke 'em, but i just won't pay for 'em anymore. 8 dollars a pack for my preference is such a waste when you're a chimney like me.

resolution 2: will not cut my hair more than once a month, and no more than an inch at a time. i think it's time for me to start growing my hairs out long again. i miss them. and maybe by next year i'll finally be able to dread my hair like i've always wanted.

resolution 3: leave michigan at least 4 times. i don't care where, but last year i did not travel as much as i wish i did.

resolution 4: do not drop any classes once i've started. i've already skimped on college too much.

resolution 5: last but not least, do not break previous resolutions.

P.S. meet my cutie pie Jimmy!

of course we look like 13 year olds, but i guess i'm okay with that. i'm happy, and that's all i really care about. :)

Happy belated new ear!