Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Chuck E Cheese

What a super-rat he is. cheap dollar store prizes. But, boy, did I have a blast! I felt like a kid again.
I went with my boyfriend and his family for his little brother's birthday. We bought about fifty tokens, but found maybe a hundred or more. Boyfriend, Jimmy, taught his younger siblings how to scam. my favourite trick : watch someone play a game, "accidentally" knock over their cup of tokens. Act nice and help them pick them up, but pocket a few by slipping them in your sleeve as you put a few back into the child's cup. Free tokens! Devious, I know, but this, along with scouring the place for dropped or forgotten tickets, earned us a few bags of cotton candy, suckers, stickers, bakugan(sp?) fuzzy coloring poster, and my (almost) favourite, a spiderman dart game. Of course, the dart was really just a velcro ball...

my favourite souvenir, however, was the picture Chuck E Cheese sketched for/of us:

Happy Birthday, Lucas!