Saturday, May 8, 2010

Armpits and Breast Cancer

As part of working my way to all natural living, I discovered today that there is new research that will encourage the use of natural and organic antiperspirants and deodorants. Studies show that the aluminum ingredients in manufactures antiperspirants are linked to breast cancer. WEll, we all have heard this before, right? Most of us were skeptic. We heard, but didn't think much of it. Many things cause cancer today, and some are just hard to avoid. Very few bother to make a change for such small things. However, This Article gives some shocking statistics that might help a few of us think a little bit harder about how we take car of ourselves.

I decided to give some of these natural deodorant recipes a try. I will update with my opinions and discoveries.

Coconut Oil Deodorant
Spray Deodorants
Liquid Deodorant

The coconut oil resipe has the best reviews
, and is also the most popular to find.

Here goes to experimenting!